Mattspoint Junior Resistance Band
  • Lightweight construction
  • Ideal for warm-up before training & competition (especially prior to serving)
  • Includes wrist straps for added comfort
  • Easy maneuverability allows for a variety of specific exercises
  • Metal clip attaches to the net or fence with ease
  • Intended for junior tennis players (ages 14 and younger)
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Detailed Product Info

The Mattspoint Junior Resistance Band: Junior tennis players need to prep their serving shoulders to mitigate injury and increase strength. This training tool is an absolute must-have in every developing player's tennis bag. 


You wouldn't run a 100m dash without a proper warm-up. So why would you serve at full speed without one? Specific band work promotes blood flow, builds endurance and can increase strength. Performing band exercises as a warm-up to training & competition has helped countless tennis players reduce the risk of shoulder & elbow injuries.


Research has proven that performing ballistic exercises with resistance bands can increase serve and forehand speeds - 99% of the pros on tour do these types of exercises before hitting the court, shouldn't you do them too? We also know that the serve in today's game is a player's number one weapon. More serve practice means more shoulder work. 

General Fly Exercise

Ballistic Serve Exercise


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