Beyond the Swing


Beyond the Swing


This isn’t your typical instructional tennis book.

Most tennis books are all about technique. How to hold the grip. How much to bend the knees. How to swing the racquet. This is not that kind of book.


Want a sneak peek look at Beyond the Swing?

  • Learn the basic on-court skills that all elite players possess.

  • Uncover the strategies of the pros to win more points.

  • Implement new practice habits to accelerate learning and development.

  • Discover the mental skills that’ll enable you to gain control of your thoughts.

  • Sport science research on strength, hydration and more.

  • Buy now and save 25% (Pay $37 instead of $49).

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Technique and skill aren’t the same thing.

You can have the best looking technique in the world, but if you don’t have skills, you won’t perform at your best.

It’s true that skill and technique are related, but they’re not the same. If I have the ability to hit a target consistently, that’s skill. It doesn’t matter exactly how I hit that target, as long as I can.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t practice technique. Because if I have more efficient mechanics, it’ll have a positive effect on my skills - that’s certain.

But currently, the balances are swayed. There’s an over-reliance on technical training instead of skill training.

And get this, when you improve certain skills, you actually change your technique - and how you swing the racquet - without directly focusing your attention on it. There’s even scientific research that proves this.

In Beyond the Swing, you’ll learn the basic tennis skills and strategies that elite players possess. You’ll also discover how to organize your practices, how to challenge yourself with specific objectives AND, in the process, you’ll indirectly improve your technique.

Above and beyond the Xs and Os.

It’s no secret that to get better - and ultimately - to perform at your best, you need to take care of your body (and your mind).

Often times, these are areas that hold players back. What should I eat and drink? How come I always lose tight matches? Why isn’t my fitness improving?

These are questions I hear all the time? And issues I’ve personally faced - myself and with students.

While there aren’t any easy and fast answers, given the research on these various topics, we now have a better understanding of how they affect performance.

There’s valid and reliable research on nutrition & hydration - guidelines we can employ. We can use specific strategies to improve our mental toughness. And we can plan our physical training programs around our tennis schedules to get the most out of our performances..

Beyond the Swing will set the stage for these topics, providing a roadmap for players and coaches while understanding that individual differences always exist.

At least now, you’ll have a compass to help navigate the sometimes overwhelming barrage of information we’re faced with on a day-to-day basis.

37.00 49.00
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Buy now and save 25% (Pay $37 instead of $49).

Take control of your game.

Are you ready to learn what really works on the tennis court?

Don’t have access to a coach all the time? No problem. The drills you’ll find in this ebook can be applied without your hitting partner even knowing it!

There’s no question that a seasoned coach will help your game. But it’s up to you to know the basics too - because when it’s crunch time, will you have the skills, tactics and strategies to problem solve on your own?

Based on the success that many students have had with the information in Beyond the Swing, I believe you will.

37.00 49.00
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Buy now and save 25% (Pay $37 instead of $49).

The path to mastery goes Beyond the Swing.

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